Harrison Bergeron The Walls Analysis

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Critical Literacy Essay
“Harrison Bergeron” and “The walls” offers vigorous political and social criticisms of both future society. The political system depicted in Vonnegut’s story is founded on the principles of equality, which holds that people should be equal in every way. On the other hand, Laumer conveys his concern of society through effeteness of television by suggest readers to imagine a time when people have wall-size screen at home. Especially equality is beloved in America in the phrase “All men are created equal,” but the authors suggest that the ideals of policy can be dangerous if they are interpreted too literally. If the goal of policy is taken to its logical conclusion, audience may decide that people must be forced to be
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When he tries to persuade Flora to stay in the full wall by saying the benefits of it, he describes as “there are plenty of people worse of” Furthermore, Harry uses “wet leaves”, “bugs”, “wet bark”, and “mould” to describe the nature in outside the world as depress[ing]. This image shows the reader that all beauty of nature is dead and buried and creates fear to the audience’s mind of a future society. From Harry’s description of the outside the walls and the description of apartment, the most serious problem in Harry and Flora’s society is that acceptance of the technology as a substitute for real nature is to show the audience how society could be ruined if they don’t stand up for nature and recognise its importance. Through the dialogue of Harry and his wife Flora, Laumer conveys his concerns about society by describing how the human being rely heavily on technology, and society could be destroyed if they keep forgetting the importance of nature.
Upon completing the full description of wrong conception of equality and technology, the reader is left with the overall impression that. In the dystopia society, the concept of ‘technology controls human” function as double edged sword. If mechanical equality imposes to human being, will the society will turn into ideal society where everyone wants? Without competition, and without any stresses can it still be a utopia? Although it’s mainly about their concerns about society, the authors tries to encourage the hope that we can
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