Literary Analysis Of Hills Like White Elephants

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Motherhood In the story “ Hills like white elephants” by Ernest Hemingway is a fascinating story, set at a train station at Zaragosa, Spain. This story first appeared in a short story collection titled Men without Women, which was published in 1927. In their dialogue, conflict is created as the characters face what most readers believe to be the obstacle of unexpected pregnancy. The author sets “Hills Like White Elephants” at a train station to highlight the fact that the relationship between the American man and the girl is at a crossroads. Planted in the middle of a desolate valley, the station isn’t a final destination but merely a stopping point between Barcelona and Madrid. Travelers, including the main characters, must therefore decide where to go and, in this case, whether to go with each other and continue their relationship. Moreover, the contrast between the white hills and barren valley possibly highlights the dichotomy between life and death, fertility and sterility, and mirrors the choice the girl faces between having the baby or having the abortion. The girl seems torn between the two landscapes, not only commenting on the beauty of the hills but also physically walking to the end of the platform and gazing out at the brown emptiness around the station. Characters of the woman Jig doesn 't want to talk about what is on both their minds, so she chooses to talk about the things that are the farthest away, the distant mountain. she wants to avoid thinking or
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