Importance Of Hobbes State Of Nature Essay

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Leviathan State of nature make men so equal without the government. Hobbes strongly argued that the social unity and having peace inside the civilians are the best achievement by men as he explained in his book, Leviathan. In chapter thirteen of his book, Hobbes created the best original and important about the men with their nature and living in a state of nature. Also, this kind of life drives men to behave well in their societies and to be strong or having more power than others. In general, I will explain the state of nature and chapter thirteen of Hobbes book, and it is the explanation about how the state of nature can be a state of the war, men’s experience in the state of nature, and the examples of the state of the nature in 17 century. From the beginning, Hobbes discussed that…show more content…
Sometimes men may found someone who stronger than them or have different physical body, but it is not the big different between one and another. They may take their physical stronger and body from their nature, and both the weakest and the strongest are similar. For example, as Hobbes mentioned in his book, the strongest men might kill by the weakest if the weakest men have the strong plan to work with to be successful, or have deal with others to kill someone. It means that all men are equal in their abilities, and they take it from their nature. Furthermore, far from the equality, men have more freedom and power in the state of nature. They have more freedom to do whatever they want because they did not have government to ruling them, so they had happier life without the government. For examples, in the past or in the traditional societies when the government not exist yet, men have
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