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J Alfred Prufrock describes the streets and tells us about the gathering of women talking about Michelangelo. He describes yellow smoke and fog outside the house of the gathering, and keeps insisting that there will be time to do many amazing things. He walks through the streets and watches lonely men leaning out their windows. Prufrock is afraid and worried as he cannot make actions. Prufrock asks if it is really worthy to take actions in this life. He admits that He is not a prince as Hamlet but just an ordinary man life and worried over growing old. The poem is concluded by describing the beach, he sees mermaids singing and swimming. They will not sing for him, he concludes. The work’s structure is unified by tackling one general theme; the poem is basically about the inside struggle of Prufrock. Thus, the form of the poem is a dramatic monologue established between the speaker and an unknown addressee .The struggle running through the whole poem is that of Prufrock, and through this conflict the speaker reveals a variety of themes that he struggles with as boredom, insecurity, and frustration. The poem is a song of desire and failure. The poem is, therefore, a narrative that studies the character by using a range of literary devices such repetition, metaphor, simile, personification and irony.…show more content…
In the title we find a clear ironic contrast between the romantic suggestions of "love song" and the content of the poem. By reading the poem, we discover that there is nothing to do with love in the poem, and the speaker is not even able to love himself. Thus, the context is completely ironic compared to its title, "the love song"; moreover, the poem itself is a dramatic poem and the main tone of the poem is weary. So, we can say that this title could be interpreted as a joke. However, we should mention that the work has some characteristics of love songs, such as repetition (or refrain) and

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