Literary Analysis Of James Hilton's Lost Horizon

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James Hilton’s Lost Horizon is a story of a British diplomat, Hugh Conway and his companions found a valley filled with various mysteries by accident when their plane crashes. Within the excerpt taken, there are a few literary features that can be explored in order to appreciate literature in linguistic description perspective. First, viewing the excerpt as a whole, I believe I had noticed that the story was told through a narrator with objective point of view. This shows throughout the excerpt as the narrator keeps telling the story by only focusing on the details that can be seen and heard. The narrator did not mention anything that could be related to thoughts and feelings of the characters in the story. For example, taken from the excerpt paragraph 10 – 11 when Conway asked; ‘but who has made all these plans?’ Mallinson answered sharply: ‘Lo-Tsen. She’s with the porters now. She’s waiting,’ the narrator did not describe how the Mallinson felt and think when Conway questioned him regarding the plan and the same goes to Conway’s when Mallinson told him about the plan in paragraph 9. In my opinion, the narrator seems to narrate the story with the least explanation in order to allow the reader to gain information based on the details that only reveled by the characters themselves from various aspect such as their action and reaction towards different stimulus. This could be seen when Mallinson said to Conway; ‘Oh, him! Well it’s for the last time, anyway, thank God!’ we

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