Literary Analysis Of John Donne's 'The Good Morrow'

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John Donne 's poem The Good Morrow is considered to be of a metaphysical realm as it Donne 's is typically metaphysical in its startling beginning, its dramatic nature and progression of thought, its striking metaphysical conceits, its range of intellectual imagery from the worlds of theology, geography, chemistry and cosmology, its catalogic mode, the use of hyperbole, the mingling of gravity and levity, the colloquial language, the presentation of the lovers as microcosms, and finally the union of the physical and the psychological in love. The Good Morrow ' is a typical Donnian love poem, divided into three stanzas. It 's one of those love poems in which he praises the spiritual relation and hails it so ardently. In the opening stanza, the poet expresses his wonder as to what he and his beloved did before they fell in love with each other. He becomes surprised remembering their past love experiences. He compares the love experiences of himself and his beloved with `weaning ', falsely sucking country pleasures ' and `snorting. ' The reference to these three physical activities indicates that they spent a life of worldly enjoyment. But now the poet using the conjunction 'But ' makes a contrast and say 's that all these past physical activities seem to be utterly meaningless. The closing two lines of the first stanza imply that though the…show more content…
The third stanza opens with endearing words from the speaker. The two lovers stand so closely that their respective faces are reflected in each others eyes. The simplicity of their heart is also reflected in their faces, which are conceived as two hemispheres of their world. But their world of love is so unearthly that its hemispheres are free from coldness and decay. They are not afraid of separation or break up of their "relation, because" 'what ever dyes, was not mixt equality '. The ingredients of their love have been proportionately mixed and there is no ware and woof between them. They have love
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