Literary Analysis Of John Hersey's Hiroshima

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Throughout history, choices were either made for the greater good or to benefit the person doing the choice making, but when President Truman decided to drop the first nuclear bomb in history he did so to end the war of all wars. One author who conveys the ramifications of President Truman’s fatal decision is John Hersey in his extraordinary novel, Hiroshima. In this collection of stories, Hersey explains in the tiniest of detail the lives of those who survived the horrifying bombing after the tragic event. Due to Hersey’s approach of telling the reader the raw accounts of Japanese people who came out unscathed, this novel was unforgettable and controversial. John Hersey’s heart-wrenching Hiroshima chronicles the stories of six survivors of the very first atomic bombing in history showing resilience as a united community in the face of mass destruction. Undoubtedly, Hersey portrays the theme, community survival in the face of mass
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Specifically, “Mrs. Nakamura lay indoors with Myeko. They both continued sick, and Mrs. Nakamura vaguely sensed that their trouble was caused by the bomb...” (John Hersey 40). The conflict is also observed when the hundreds of thousands of lives lost the day of the bombing. Family members, friends, loved ones lost their lives. While the ones who survived suffered and their lives became more difficult. Even though someone may have survived the atomic bombing they would have to live with the consequences of it for the rest of their lives, whether it be physical or emotional. Many employers were reluctant to hire people with A-bomb (atomic bomb) sickness (radiation) in the years after the war, and as a result, Nakamura-san (Mrs. Nakamura) faced tremendous poverty and difficulty for a long time showing the negativity and difficulties brought onto innocent Japanese by the abrasive
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