Analysis Of A Modest Proposal By Johnathan Swift

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A Modest Proposal by Johnathan Swift, is a satirical, literary non-fiction essay. Johnathan wrote A Modest Proposal in 1729, during which Ireland was facing many economic, as well as other problems. The essay suggests a solution to the economic and famine problems; the solution suggest eating human infants. The solution includes an entire system, beginning with the babies would be well fed until they are of age of the “best meat”, then they will be sold to the wealthy for new cuisine and the poor will be paid for their baby. In Johnathan`s satire solution, he makes appeals to all categories of logos, ethos and pathos, which contributes extremely well to the strength of his argument because he is coming and appealing to all positions. Johnathan…show more content…
He creates the negative emotions by looking down upon the Irish and making them feel inferior, if they are the ones reading and he does this by mentioning the economic problems and the British. Also, he brings across these negative emotions by bad mouthing the children and the poor families. "First, as things now stand, how will they be able to find food and raiment for a hundred thousand useless mouths and backs" (Page1399). He also insults how he children of the poor families will grow up "their helpless infants who, as they grow up, either turn into thieves for want of work, or leave their dear native country, to fight for the Pretender of Spain, or sell themselves to the Barbados"(Page 1392). This is aimed to make the readers feel bad for the children and consider that the proposal might enhance lives. Johnathan Swift`s A Modest Proposal appeals to logos, ethos and pathos. He uses all three point of views to strengthen his suggested proposal. The usage of including all three viewpoints creates a wider variety of knowledge portrayed by the author of the topic and further allows different readers to become interested or continue reading, based on which side they chose to take: logos, ethos or
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