Literary Analysis Of Jonny Duddle's The Pirate Cruncher

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A picture book is a narrative art where words and illustrations tell a story. Jonny Duddle’s The Pirate Cruncher shows how illustrations and text can supplement each other. The theme of this story was greed where a pirate crew blinded by greed met their demise. The story opens with a monstrous tentacle writing a letter. The illustrator makes the readers see from the monster’s point of view. This creates an unsettling atmosphere as this is a view point from an unseen character. The next page reveals the title of the story and large tentacles delivering letters in bottles which slowly drift towards a pirate ship. Colors stir the emotion of readers; the use of deep blue and minimal warm colors sets the mood of the story. The illustrator uses panels by framing two or more illustrations on the same page. This allows for different standpoints of storyline. Here, Illustrations do more than mimic the words. The text introduced the setting of the story while illustrations showed a pirate who has discovered the letter. A directed tension between the text and what the illustrations depict stirs interest and excitement among readers. The next page reveals the fiddler, who sings about a lost treasure and catches the attention of a pirate crew. Illustrations switch to a sharp contrast of cool and warm colors. This contrast helps draw attention to readers. Speech bubbles show dialogue between the characters. Speech bubbles were oval in shaped suggested spontaneity. Readers enjoy

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