Literary Analysis Of Kurt Dinan's Don T Get Caught

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The fictional world is full of chaos, as people tend to prefer unstable theories to countless philosophies. Specifically, there is a literary shift from linearity and order to randomness and fragmentation. Consequently, Postmodernist writers understand that their works are subject to interpretation; however, they believe that the flexibility of understanding in texts is the basis for the development of innovative ideas in society. Moreover, Kurt Dinan writes in a nonlinear, flexible fashion by writing with a component of Mystery. Subsequently, the reader can make different predictions on what will occur throughout Don’t Get Caught, and the ability to predict and analyze uniquely is one of the principal ideals of Postmodernist literature. Ultimately, the central purpose of an author’s novel is to engross the reader, by writing in a genre and movement that is appropriate the book. Appropriately, Kurt Dinan engages the reader with both a Mystery genre and Postmodernist elements in his novel, Don’t Get Caught. Postmodernists believe that traditional authority is false and corrupt, and the central theme of Don’t Get Caught is that the powerful students play pranks and humiliate the less influential students. There exists a social elite club known as the Chaos Club that plays pranks on the school and faculty, and nobody can figure out the leader of the club is or who the members’ are. Therefore, a group of teenagers, embarrassed by the Chaos Club, seek revenge by being absolutely
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