Literary Analysis Of Kurt Vonnegut's 'Sacred Miracle Cave'

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Mostly all couple is programmed in this manner. When they have no option they love the adopted child and they love their own neglecting the adopted child without caring for the child’s psyche when they are blessed with a child. Kurt Vonnegut compares them to a machine which has neither love nor emotions. Human mind has some criteria to find such rules and regulation for others and their own. Sacred Miracle cave is polluted and it resembles resemble like Moby Dick, The Great White Whale. Here the destruction of humankind is portrayed.
The underground stream which passed through the bowels of Sacred Miracle Cave was polluted by some sort of industrial waste which formed bubbles as though as ping-pong balls…the bubbles would soon engulf Moby Dick and invade the Cathedral of Whispers, which was the main attraction at the cave. Thousands of people had been married in the Cathedral of Whispers-including Dwayne and Lyle and Kyle. (119)
Trout moves to West Virginia indicating the destruction of the planet. West Virginia is a symbol of the total desiccations of the land which has been collapsing into holes. It represents the future of the whole earth which is to be destroyed. The following lines indicate the descriptions of humans as machines by Kurt Vonnegut. He adds, “…they went around and around. Nobody smiled. They just went around and around” (124). Many people act as per the instruction in the automated mechanical world..
Kilgore Trout starts another story to the truck
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