Literary Analysis Of Langston Hughes

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Brucker, Carl. "Langston Hughes." Cyclopedia of World Authors, Fourth Revised Edition, Jan. 2003, pp. 1. EBSCOhost, Accessed 18 Mar. 2018. “Langston Hughes” by Carl Brucker attempts to explain the accomplishments Langston Hughes has had and who inspired his famous poem, “Mother to Son.” Langston Hughes won an Opportunity poetry prize, leading him to the publications of his other writings. Brucker justifies Hughes as not only a successful writer, but he also “used grant money to establish African American theatrical groups in Harlem and Chicago that produced several of his plays.” (5) After overcoming much criticism by blacks and whites, Langston Hughes influenced several generations of African American authors, and that is widely acknowledged. “Langston Hughes” points out important characteristics of Langston Hughes that I find inspiring. Because Hughes kept climbing and never gave up like his mother advised him, he accomplished very big things that a lot of people do not get to experience. Some of the great things he accomplished were winning an Opportunity poetry prize, using grant money to establish African American theatrical groups, and making…show more content…
"An Overview of ‘Mother to Son.’" Poetry for Students, Literature Resource Center, Accessed 20 Mar. 2018. “An Overview of ‘Mother to Son’” describes the reason Langston Hughes wrote the poem, “Mother to Son.” Aidan Wasley explains Langston, the son of the woman who inspired this specific poem, “has either asked his mother a question or complained of his frustrations, to which his mother responds, ‘Well son, I’ll tell you’.” (1) Wasley justifies “Mother to Son” takes the form of a dramatic monologue, “that is, a poem spoken not in the poet’s own voice but in that of a particular imagined speaker” (1). He mentions this because Langston’s mother is weary and addressing how real life is to her son, causing him to write her encouraging words just as she said
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