Literary Analysis Of MCMXIV 1914 By Philip Larkin

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Abstract Discourse means to show hidden motives in any text written or spoken. In the same way when writers write something they have motives behind their writings and poets also have some purposes behind their poetry. The purpose of the article is to find these hidden motives behind the poem MCMXIV 1914 by Philip Larkin. Poem shows contrast between the social and cultural picture of England in pre-War and post-War conditions. Our aim is to find the real meanings and discourse analysis is our methodology to find the hidden meanings in the poem. Keywords: Discourse, Hidden Motives, Discourse Analysis Introduction Discourse is a broad term with many definitions. The word discourse came from Latin Word Discursus which mean conversation or Speech. So “Discourse is a continuous stretch of (especially spoken) language longer than a sentence often constituting a coherent unit such as a sermon, argument, joke or narrative” (crystal 1992;25) it is quite a general term, ideologies are produced and reflected through discourse. Whereas discourse analysis is widely used for the study to the usage of language in texts and its contextual meanings. It is quite a general term for a many of approaches to analyze written,spoken,vocal, sign language and the purpose of discourse analysis is to reveal some hidden or out of sight or unseen, unknown meaning of text that can be written or spoken. Critical discourse analysis explores the connection between use of language and social and
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