No Name Woman Stephen King Analysis

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The language used is important because it shapes, reader’s experience and knowledge of understanding what They are reading. Therefore, it is the way the authors begin their story that make it interesting and eye-catching to the readers. Allowing them to continue reading. What makes the audience want to stop reading? It might be because it’s boring, depressing and lacks knowledge. These two writers invested their time and energy grabbing their readers' attention by creating a strong plot. Though Maxine Hong Kingston and Stephen King have many styles of writing in common, these two writers expressed their similarities of language used in their characters, creativity and plot between their stories.
Thus, they show similarities in their characteristics.
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In the story No Name Woman” the writer uses changes of voices. Moreover, to be creative to attain her readers. In the beginning of the story the writer began with a voice other than her own. Her mother’s voice she told a story to Maxine Hong Kingston about her aunt. Furthermore, the mother started by telling her shush “you must not tell anyone” (Brave Orchid). This is a creative way to start a story. It challenges the reader to want to continue reading because it makes the reader wonder why can’t Maxine not allow to tell this secret? In the story “What Writing Is” Stephen King has creative ways of attaining his reader’s attention. He makes it clear that writing is about mind-reading and ensures he has audiences full participate by creating a personal type of tone. Using the style of such as metaphor and irony. He talks about his childhood and adolescent life. King describes a cage sitting on a table and the table covered with a red cloth. Therefore, he did not provide details he felt that it was the audience’s job to use their imagination and add the missing details. the cage had a rabbit with a number 8 written on its back. Because he did not give specific detail of the rabbit other than the number, in hope the audience would concentrate on the number 8 and its meaning. The writer did this to try telepathy, he believed in
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