Literary Analysis Of Maya Angelou's Caged Bird

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Analysis of Caged Bird by Maya Angelou In the midst of the 20th century much of America was challenging the views of society. People from every corner of America were demanding for their rights of freedom and their goal to end legalised racial segregation and discrimination. Before this, men and women of African descent were racially discriminated and oppressed. However, during this time, their dreams that were once crushed, arose again, and the cries of hope were turning into realities. With the help of artists, singers, poets and leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr, the Civil Rights Movement successfully secured the legal recognition and federal protection of Black Americans. Welcome to The Mix, where we will tonight be focusing on one of the most memorable and significant contributors to the 20th and 21st century poetry. A woman whose work has significantly contributed to shaping contemporary values and attitudes. It is a privilege to explore and give you the insights into legendary poet Maya Angelou’s involvement into exposing the oppression, enragement and unjust treatment that African Americans faced due to being racially different, through her iconic poem, “Caged Bird”. A fearless and inspirational woman born in 1928 in Missouri, America. Angelou was exposed to the harsh realities of being an African American very early in life as she and her brother travelled alone to live with their grandmother. Angelou became muted for several years after being sexually
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