Literary Analysis Of 'Nadine Gordimer'

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Nadine Gordimer, the Nobel laureate is a white South African prolific writer. Gordimer believes in the humanistic aspect of people and is the spokesperson of her people. She won her Nobel Prize in the year 1991. Her life brings about the racism and of the downtrodden conditions of the people. Gordimerworks bring out the society needs and the societal problems in different dimensions. She feels that born as a white South African has left her in a fatal isolation and her only thing to bring out is the unspeakable cruelty to blacks through her words, as a writer, the words of her works gives her the face and place with what she depicts. The intimate background understanding of South Africa makes the writer like Gordimer to convey easily what exactly is the condition of her country and know the real suffering of the black people. Most of the black and white writers of South Africa or of the African continent leave their own native place as exiles or by own willingness to other countries and only a handful of writers remain in their natives and bring out the suffering of their own country. Gordimer is one such writer who stays in her country South Africa and brings out vistas of images about the black people and their actual situation through her words. She does not go as an exile or leave her country on free will. She faces the challenge of loneliness as a minority white woman in the black consciousness and as a political activist to blacks, which isolates her in the white

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