Literary Analysis Of Phenomenal Woman

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“Phenomenal Woman” Phenomenal Woman, by Maya Angelou is an inspiring poem that encourages women, including myself to be confident and to love themselves just the way they are. It encourages women to be independent and confident despite what others think about them, especially men. In “Phenomenal Woman”, there are various literary devices used, some of which include repetition, parallelism, metaphors and personification. The obvious repetition in the poem is at the end of every stanza, through the phrases” I am a woman, phenomenally, phenomenal woman, that’s me”. This example of repetition is carried throughout the poem for emphasis, and the reader’s recognition of the truth behind the words. There is also parallelism that plays a significant role within…show more content…
It uses a few literary devices including end rhyme pattern, repetition, parallelism, pathetic fallacy and imagery. Frost’s poem displays an end rhyme pattern, as all four of the stanzas have four lines, in which three of the four lines rhyme, with the third line usually rhyming with the following stanza’s main rhyme. For example, the last words that rhyme in the last stanza are: know, though, here and snow, in which the first, second and fourth rhyme, meanwhile the third line, here, rhymes with the following stanzas rhyming words: queer, near, lake and year. There is also both repetition and parallelism within the last two lines in the last stanza, as they are repeated and parallel with one another. Another example of repetition throughout this poem is the title, as the concepts of stopping by woods on a snowy evening is constantly being mentioned. For example, the words “woods and stop are constantly in use, in three of the four
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