Literary Analysis Of Robert Frost's 'Acquainted With The Night'

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Robert Frost, one of America 's most famous poets wrote the poem ¨Acquainted with the ¨Acquainted with the Night”is an example of one of Frost´s ¨depressing” poems. Deirdre Fagan says that, ¨The poem shares something in common with Frost 's other journey poems, such as "Into My Own." He once again finds himself alone, only this time the setting is very different¨ When you read the poem it really makes you feel like you are in that lonely state. Critic Elizabeth Isaacs, for example, argues that the poem "strives to experience precisely the essence of man 's existence in his lonely human state." Frost experienced quite a few tragedies throughout his life. His father died, his young son passed away as a child, his daughter died within a day of being born, his wife later died of a heart attack and to think a person couldn 't possibly take much more, his son commits suicide. Along with these tragedies, Frost decides to put his sadness and depression into his writing. In the poem ¨Acquainted with the Night¨ you can see that Frost was lonely, hurt and he tended to isolate himself away from others. Night¨ to express his extreme depression and sadness. Michael R. Little says that the poem, ¨is a meditation on loneliness and isolation, centering on one man 's lonely nighttime wanderings and suggesting that his individual experiences represent the human condition.” Born on March 26, 1874, Frost didn 't always know he wanted to be a poet. He loved to write and did not decide to
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