Literary Techniques Used In Robert Frost's Nothing Gold Can Stay

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The poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost is an outstanding example of American literature, encompassing the peculiar means of expressing the ideas. Raising a widely explored and discussed the theme of the passing nature of time, the poem still offers a new perspective for consideration of the topic and adds to the understanding of the transience of the phenomena. The author develops his argument around the phenomenon of nature and develops an idea that nothing beautiful can last forever and that there is always time for things to fade. Still, the author argues that the end appears the beginning of something new and that everything develops in a definite cycle. Applying various literary tools, such as metaphors and symbols, the author…show more content…
The poem consists only of eight lines but still includes a wide range of crucial ideas and encompasses an extended range of issues. At the same time, referring to the literary tools that are also associated with the structuring of the poem, it is crucial to note that the author takes advantage of juxtaposition to develop contrast and emphasize it. The examples from the poem include Eden and grief as well as dawn and day (Kirszner and Stephen 569, l. 6-7). Apart of contrast, the author also derives a strong meaning from the use of paradox in the poem. From the beginning of the poem, it serves as an important basis for the delivery of the meaning. For example, starting the poem, the author states “green is gold” and “leaf’s a flower,” which seems to have little sense for the reader throughout the initial lines (Kirszner and Stephen 569, l. 1, 3). Still, after reading the poem more closely, the reader might understand that the gold combined with green is used to refer to youth and beauty as the most valuable things. Similarly, referring to the leaf as a flower allows viewing the emergence of a leaf as a unique process similar in its beauty to the appearance of a new

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