Literary Analysis Of Robert Frost's The Mending Wall

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The poem, “The Mending Wall” by Robert Frost is the most significant influence on American literary history. The poem uses literary tools such as irony, personification, metaphor, simile and a pun. “The Mending Wall” as a single piece of literature is a timeless and debateable piece of art that evolves to a relevant piece of whatever time period it is read. As long as the question of why does a person continually take any sort of particular action exist, “The Mending Wall” is a reference to why the question should be asked and attempt to understand the other side of every action. The ability to offer literature that is as simple to read and as simple to understand as it is complex in meaning and applicable to any culture is what makes “The Mending Wall” the most significant influence on American literary history. In the simplest understanding of the poem the wall goes through a never ending cycle of destruction and rebirth. This simple reading of the poem transcends any one particular culture. There is no where that people do not build boundaries of one type or another and repair said boundaries when they fail. As simple as the wall is as a thing or idea is also what is able to create a complex idea of what the wall represents and understand why people continually create them.
In a more in depth reading the irony Frost uses is the wall is the thing that divides and binds. The physical wall divides both property and people. But it is the repair of the wall that brings
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