Literary Analysis Of Sandra Cisneros 'And The Chaser'

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All humans strive to supply their own needs, defend themselves, and fulfill their desires. In “Eleven” Sandra Cisneros presents Rachel 's experience on a very special day - her eleventh birthday. While in “The Chaser” John Collier presents Alan 's love for Diana and his desire to use shady means to find her love. Both stories, share similarity within the struggle to achieve their desires. However, these two stories appear to be different in several aspects considering the backgrounds in which each story was written and how it ends. First, in the “The Chaser” Alan goes to an old man 's shop to look for a love potion. When Alan meets the old man, the latter begins to speak about the “glove-cleaner” poison. This serves as foreshadowing for Alan 's return to purchase it to murder Diana. Furthermore, the poison “glove-cleaner” is more expensive than the love potion, because the old man is certain that Alan will come back to take the poison. Nevertheless, in “Eleven” when the teacher, Mrs. Price, holds up a ragged red sweater and asks for its owner. Everyone denies the sweater belongs to them, and Sylvia Saldivar says it is Rachel 's. One can mark Rachel 's inability to challenge the teacher and the subsequent reduction of her voice, as she distances herself and the red sweater. Second, Alan expresses delight and joy when the old man tells him about the effects of the love potion: “cried Alan in rapture”, “cried Alan, overwhelmed with joy.” Alan 's

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