Literary Analysis Of The Bet Short Story

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Literature creates a world of its own and it’s the sheer pleasure of literature that makes us immerse ourselves in a fictional world. Fiction coincides with the world of imagination and this mere creative power makes us leave the realm of reality and enter into a world full of possibilities. There are countless examples of writers in literature who have written such great prose that the reader feels spell bound and is in a way stupefied. Literature does create wonders but it doesn’t totally leave the confines of reality, it incorporates substantiality with vivid imagination so that the world of fiction and reality run parallel to each other. This makes things more sensational and sublime and leaves the reader awestruck. Literature makes us explore our mind and forces us to go to great depths of creativity, where one can reach the limitless. There are various examples of stories in which this is illustrated In the short story "The Bet" composed by…show more content…
Things don 't work like this, in actuality. There was something sensible about the story however, the way that the financier needed to murder the legal counselor to spare himself from getting to be bankrupt. In actuality, individuals search for their advantage. They do things which benefits them and for that they are willing to put forth an admirable attempt to get the sought result like on account of the broker. The way the financier was considering, plotting and schemeing against his companion demonstrates the genuine way of man. This demonstrates the shrewd and scheming side of man. In today 's reality cash matters and this story precisely demonstrates what a man is fit for doing if cash begins slipping from his hand and what sort of extremes he 's willing to go to simply to abstain from being bankrupt. The investors goal are demonstrated in the accompanying line where

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