Literary Analysis Of The Handmaid's Tale

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The story of “The Handmaid’s Tale written by Margaret Atwood is about the story of the instability of society, how easy it is to be brought down, and how little effort is need to change our society into a oppressive society. The book is showing us that our society is fragile and that anything especially fear can be a motivating factor that leads to bad actions that can harm society. The belief that even a modern society such as ours could fall by the simple emotion of fear that people would have too much power this can be seen in many real life scenarios such the Cold War the spread of communism led the U.S into taking bad actions for the people replacing many elected leaders from other countries because they seem to spread communism and who would replace them with dictators backed by the U.S this idea is one that has existed since the earliest societies. Fear is a very strong emotion that can change a person 's mind and could influence how they act to the world around them. In the book this is shown in great detail as their modern society also falls to the fear that women are getting too much power which leads the men to take control slowly changing everything and in the end taking the freedom of all from both men and women but mostly women. This shows that the world is motivated and can be changed by fear the world runs on the emotions of people this emotion is one of the strongest and most common emotions that a human could have which means it makes sense that this can
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