Literary Analysis Of The Miller's Canterbury Tales

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The poem represents a noticeable style in which one can easily see in Canterbury Tales Which was written masterfully. I have provided some of the interpretations. Surely, the Miller was a bad, alcoholic man who at least gives the company an image that his story will be astonishing. The Reeve. He is one of the oldest associate of the group, he has tough character and he gets disappointed by the Miller’s story, because he was a carpenter a long ago. The Man of Law. He is an intelligent lawyer and is surely accepted as the Sergeant of Law. He was famous for his visual memory. The man of law could repeat every discernment from memory recalling all punctuation and each word. When we compare the Miller with him we see that he is well sophisticated and authorities man. The Cook. Roger is professional in his work. He is really the chief of his craft. He is so creative that he can make tasty dishes from limited ingredients. The unique thing about his characteristic is he has the running wound on his face, which leaked infection and happened to be the same color as the sauce on his raw chicken pie. The Wife of Bath. Alison is a different member of the team, the main thing about her is he liked to wear different bright things. In the past she was really very beautiful having lost some of her tooth and having a lack of hearing, and in despite of this she was married several times. She was married five times and what is so awesome about her the last one was

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