Literary Analysis Of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

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Arthur Dent is not a hero. Actually, he is just a normal earthman. But after earth got destroyed, Arthur has experienced a lot of crazy adventures that he never thought about. By the end of the book, Arthur has discovered that he is not a human being and his dearest earth is just a planet that was built to sell for the mice. This may sound like a tragedy but, indeed, it was one of the most hilarious yet weirdest story I have ever read in my life. The perks of being a wallflower is about a socially awkward teenager, Charlie. He decided to write letters to his unnamed friend to let out what he is going through. The starting of his first year in high school was tough because of his one true friend, Michael committed suicide. After a week or so he over comes his shyness and then he met Sam and Patrick who becomes his best friend. He experiences new things throughout the first year of high school. Such as dating, alcohol, drugs using, bullies, and parties. He ends up in a bad situation…show more content…
Aunt Helen is the major piece of irony in this coming of age novel. Charlie referred to Aunt Helen as his favorite person in the whole world, And always talked about how much he loves his Aunt Helen. Considerably, before he had a mental breakdown when Sam was leaving for her college, Charlie blocked out the memory of Aunt Helen molested him when he was a child, And when Sam kisses him it conjures him something in which involved Aunt Helen. It made Charlie remembers being sexually assaulted by her. Another thing is when his friends call him and themselves wallflowers. But the book never points out what the real perks of it. When Charlie sees a boy tries to force a girl to have sex with him, Charlie did not say anything, He keeps quiet. Charlie always keeps quiet. No matter what happens. So, what is actually “the perks” of being a wallflower?. This book also tells about how bad things happen to every characters in the
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