Literary Analysis Of The Raven

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The raven is a poem which is a poem that talks a man who is depresse because he lost the love of his life, Lenore. The poem is called The Raven because the protagonist listens to a tapping in his door and when he checks who is in the door, he finds no one. Then he listens to a tapping again but this time it's on the window and when he opens them a raven steps insisde the house, perches in an Athena's statue just above the chamber door. The man becomes curious because he has no idea what is going on, the only thing he has in mind is to ask the bird, what's he doing here? That's what he does. The raven dosen't answer him, but replies "nevermore." As the story keeps going on, the man grows exasperated because he starts making questions about the women he love, more like if she is okay, if she had sent him or if she is fine, the bad news it's that the only words the bird repeats again, again and again are "nevermore.…show more content…
It starts narrating the setting, which is real, he doesn't narrate much about how it looks or where it's located but from what we can imagine it's a man sitting or lying on a chair or sofa asleep with a book in this legs, "Once upon a midnight dreary while I pondered, weak and
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