Literary Analysis Of Thomas

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Literary analysis: select three items and write at least 120 words for each item.
a) Describe the main character of your novel: describe him/her physically as accurately as possible and give three dominant character traits. Prove each of these traits with a scene from the novel. Also describe how the character evolves throughout the story. Then explain why you could / couldn’t sympathize with him or her.

Thomas appears to be a weak, scared and scrawny boy in the first chapters, but can we really blame him? He wakes up in a box that is going up some shaft at a racing speed while suffering from amnesia. The only thing he knows is his name, but other than that everything is blank. Looking at the situation I can sympathize very well with the boy, after all no one would want to be in that position. I would most likely have dealt with it more severe, maybe even tried to escape or hit someone. He is well-composed but still shows us signs of edginess.
In multiple parts of the book, he will give the impression to be scared, which is a very common feeling in the world but in fantasy books not so much. This also makes me appreciate the book more, because he really feels what we all would be feeling. He is scared, just like we all would be. He is nervous, just like we all would be. He cries when he gets too overwhelmed and when Chuck dies; he even completely breaks down, just like every person would when they are scared or when someone they care about dies. James Dashner hasn’t
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