Literary Analysis Of Tilly's 'Dungeons And Dragons'

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The scene I would like to focus on occurs at the beginning of the play as the two main protagonists are being introduced. Agnes, a 22-year-old designated university graduate and designated high school teacher delivers an accurate verbal reflection of herself to the audience by listening to pop-music, which gives her an ordinary and, at the same time, contemporary demeanor. Contrasting her personally and even visually, through standing in front of a canvas that supports the appearance of both by shadow pantomime, is Tilly who is basically obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons, a fantasy table-top role playing game that assigns each player a specific character (in Tilly’s case, Tillius the Paladin) embarking upon fantastic adventures. The depiction of Tilly as she is engaging into the game and expresses that through loudly using D&D-specific terms, is another clear contradistinction to Agnes’ leisure activities. As both are involving themselves in an argument about how they are disturbing each others’ privacy, the sister-conflict and the consequent lack of understanding ultimately becomes evident to the audience, accompanying throughout the rest of the play but becoming less pre-potent with time. The scene concludes with the graduation ceremony of Agnes with her voiced desire of a less boring life and the death of her family in a car accident. The play concentrates on two corresponding themes: On the one hand, 2017 was, for the most part, the year of various socio-political changes

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