Literary Analysis Of To Kill A Mockingbird Moral Courage

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Moral Courage Literary Analysis To Kill, a Mockingbird is a novel that was set in a stage in the 1930s by author Harper Lee and portrays different themes and life lessons. The book has described topics such as racism, social class and courage from a perspective of an innocent young girl. Several acts of moral, as well as physical courage, are demonstrated through the character Scout Finch. The moral character explains itself from characters that have the ability to act in a just manner in the face of shame, widespread opposition, and discouragement. The paper, therefore, seeks to analyze the theme of moral courage in the novel through explaining the two literal elements…show more content…
However, his moral courage did not let him change his mind despite his reputation suffering a massive blow in the society. He believed that standing for his morals and what he thought was right regardless of what the entire community was thinking about him. From the start, he already knows that he cannot win the case, but his strong sense of justice and morality is what motivates him to defend Tom in the case with much determination and to give all that he had for the case. He goes ahead to express that it is not because they have been defeated hundred years before they started that they have a reason to they have a reason to try again and win. The author used the term “licked” in most of the expressions to imply defeated. When he says that they had licked before they started, he just means that they were defeated even before they started. The expressions are meant to imply that there is no justice in the system especially in the place of a black man in the society. A black person cannot get justice against a white person in such a society according to the novel. He had a strong determination of letting know the truth about Tom.
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