Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night

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Who knew being inside an asylum could bring amazing creations? The crescent moon and stars hanging over a small village are perfectly joined by blue and yellow swirls contrasting colors between dark and light. Compared to other Van Gogh’s artworks, Starry Night shows melancholy and happiness together. Some people say it’s a night landscape he captured from what he saw outside the window while being kept in Saint-Remy’s asylum. Others say it was painted by memory by a dream he supposedly had. Vincent tried to calm his anxiety by painting how his mental condition let him see things; big and with movement. "You can feel the stars and the infinity of the sky since life, in spite of everything, is like a dream." That’s the phrase Van Gogh used to describe his magnificent piece of art.…show more content…
In the horizon, you can see the mountains and plenty of trees blurred by blue, green and black traces. Below the exploding stars, the village is a place of quiet order. Down the hills, you can see houses with the lights on and off. It gives you the impression that some people are sleeping and others are still awake waiting for the night to end. Buildings are made out of yellow, orange and green hints of paint; unlike the rest of the painting, houses are not abstract and you can define their traces. The town is straight up and down, made by rigid lines to stand out among the sky. In the middle of the painting, there’s a church with no cross at the top, bringing God to the little village. The swirling motion of the night is something unreal. The infinite shows up in the combination of a deep color
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