Literary Analysis Of War Of The Worlds

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Literary Analysis of War of the Worlds “The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow”-Robert Tew. War of the Worlds, based on the novel by H.G. Wells, is about a dockworker, Ray Ferrier who has a weak relationship with his two kids, Robbie and Rachel. After Ray’s ex-wife drops Robbie and Rachel off at Ray’s house, they thought it was going to be a normal tension-filled weekend, but after their electricity goes out and lighting strikes in the same spot, they think otherwise. After a while, a big alien-like creature called a Martian comes out of the ground and kills everyone in its sight. This creates fear amongst the residents in the city and they evacuate as fast as possible. With more and more Martians coming, more people die. Ray has to figure out how to save his kids and himself from this horrific crisis that impacts the Earth. In the movie, World of the Wars, H.G. Wells believes that after you experience crisis, you grow into a stronger person. Before the Martians invade, Ray is thoughtless and he doesn’t have a strong bond with his kids. When Robbie and Rachel come to his house, he does not have food for them so he leaves them in charge of ordering food while he falls asleep. Since he was not supervising them, Robbie took off even though he does not have a driver license. This shows how he does not care for his kids and how he has lost the connection with his kids. Also, when the kids go to their rooms, they still have the same bed covers
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