Literary Analysis Of We Real Cool By Gwendolyn Brooks

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We Real Cool Teenage dropouts has been one of the most problematic conflicts in the United States. This unreasonable act has disastrous effects. In the poem “We Real Cool”, Gwendolyn Brooks utilizes repetition to emphasize the consequences of discontinuing school. Brooks repeats “We” to create a direct approach to those that are teenage dropouts of school. The author states “ We real cool We left school”. The narration of this verse comes from a young perspective. These irresponsible teenagers whom are not specified, leave school and interesting enough, they are now “cool”. They were outcast in schools, the outsiders that could not handle responsibility and decided altogether to leave school permanently. They found school as something tedious and their mind did not grasp how beneficial school could be for them in the future. Brooks use of repetition in “We” throughout the entire poem followed by an enjambment leaves the reader in suspense. Brooks disrupts the flow of the verse ending each stanza with “We”. Placing that word there gives the poem a rhythm that makes it flow almost like a song. However, the “We” applied in this verse dramatizes the wasted life these young people are going to have because of one irrational decision. Brooks also applies imagery to reiterate the ridiculous idea of quitting school permanently. The author verbalizes “ We lurk late. We strike straight.” The activities that these young people are participating in, are of negative consequences.
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