Literary Analysis On The Cask Of Amontillado

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In Edger Allen Poe's story “The Cask of Amontillado” there seems to be a great deal of secrecy and revenge to the point that it makes the readers so eager to finish the story. We learn in the beginning that Montresor is seeking revenge for the “thousand of times” Fortunato has supposedly done, and plans to do it in a way where punishment and pain is inflicted. The story is told from Montresor and he is the narrator, but what is being explained in this literally analysis is the story being told from Fortunato’s point of view. The beginning of the story starts off with learning about Fortunato’s alleged allegations that he had done against Montresor. We never fully learn what he has done but we can get a feel of something he did because of how bad Montresor wants revenge. All this time we here what Montresor is thinking and saying but not Fortunato, we know nothing of what he is thinking or even going through. There is much sympathy for a man being punished that we do not know what for. All Edgar Poe lets us know is that Montresor never lets Fortunato what he is mad at him for, and what he knows is that he was at the carnival with his good friend. For Fotunato he is a wine expert attending the Carnival with his friend Montresor and partied in the streets. Knowing Montresor’s plan with the wine, all Fortunato thinks of it as his friend having his back and bringing him a supply of amontillado, while they party all night. This is where the…show more content…
How can he be punshed so horrifically for something that is not even mentioned, and clearly to Fortunato who seems to be carefree can do something to receive such a cruel punishment. Poe’s use of mystery and darkness makes this story an irony. Readers only feel for one character and its hard to have compassion for a man we know nothing about and has also done such “horrible” things to his
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