Literary Analysis On The Catcher In The Rye

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The Catcher in the Rye Have you ever felt as if you were all alone? Well in The Catcher in the Rye, Holden feels all by himself in such a vast world. He is forced to face all challenges that come across him and jump into adulthood head first with no looking back. Holden never wants anyone to feel like the same screw up and failure that he has felt upon himself. He wants to be there to help guide and give a little shove down the right path when there is a wandering soul looking to explore the humongous world open armed and open minded. No one should have to grow up with the whole world on their back feeling like a failure or that they’re not as good as one another. Holden feels as if he has not amounted to any sort of accomplishment and is working towards no goal of any type. He believes within himself that he is a failure and there is nothing for him to do in this world. He is being put face to face with the problems of adulthood and doesn’t know how to challenge them. He still wants to run away from his problems as if they’ve never happened like in the past. Problems are going to occur and pushing your way…show more content…
For Holden misreads the poem to say “if a body catch a body, coming through the rye” when it really says “if a body meet a body”. Him misreading the poem gave him a whole other perspective on what the quote truly means and what he wants to do in his lifetime. He wants to protect all the children he can from the world of adulthood and most especially as he states he wants to protect them from the knowledge of sex. He doesn’t want them to grow up too fast from their little innocent, playful mind they have. He wants them to gradually get a feel of adulthood, life decisions, and the the bond of intercourse and not have it all pile on their shoulders at once. He wants to get through it with them and help catch them along the way when they have any questions or need
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