Forbidden Relationships In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Written Analysis
“Thus with a kiss I die” - William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet is a play that ends in a tragedy written by Shakespeare. Two lovers that instantly fall in love with each other, whose deaths in the end bring their feuding families together. Romeo and Juliet fall in love with each other within just a few hours of knowing each other. Ultimately causing there forbidden relationship to be rushed. Romeo and Juliet were truly infatuated with each other, rather than truly in love, because they did not have time to get to know each other.

When Romeo and Juliet first met, they only talked to each other for a few minutes in poetry, and then immediately kissed, they were rushing there forbidden relationship, they
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Juliet says to Romeo not to swear by his love for her because she feels there relationship is moving to fast, “Well do not swear , although I joy in thee, I have no joy of this contract tonight. It is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden, too like lightning.” (2.2.116-119) In the story this is showing that Juliet doesn't want to make any promises or swear by their love for each other, and she has not done enough thinking…show more content…
Friar lawrence gives Juliet a plan so that she will not have to marry Paris, who Capulet (Juliet's Father ) wants her to marry. Friar tells Juliet to drink a vial of liquid that will put her in a dead trans for 24 hours, it will make her appear dead so that she will not have to marry Paris. Capulet decides to move the wedding up a day. Being Wednesday, Disarranging Juliet's plan. Juliet is now forced to drink the vial a day early. In the story Paris is

talking to Friar about why capulet moved the date of the wedding up a day. Paris says to Friar, “ That she do give her sorrow so much sway, and his wisdom hastes our marriage, to stop the inundation of her tears.”(4.1.10-12) Once Juliet was forced to drink the vial early, this was rushing the marriage of her and Romeo.

When Romeo first saw Juliet, he immediately loved her for the way she looked. Not her as a person. When they first met they talked to each other in poetry for only a few seconds, then kissed, this shows that they were just rushed, and infatuated with one another. If Romeo and Juliet were truly in love with each other, they would not have killed themselves. This shows that they did not truly love each other, they were just infatuated. If their forbidden relationship was not rushed, and they had more time to get to know each other, they would have been able to truly love each other, possibly preventing
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