Romeo And Juliet's Unspoken Words

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Paris got the permission from Juliet’s father that he can get married with Juliet on Thursday. When he met Juliet, he was unable to hold himself back and called Juliet “my wife”. The unspoken words of Juliet’s answer are: “I will never be your wife”. Paris didn’t know that Juliet has got married with Romeo; it was why he answered confidently without understanding the implied meaning of Juliet’s words. Juliet told him ambiguously that “the truth is inevitable”. Paris thought that was Juliet permission of marriage. These meaningful unspoken words not only increased the reader involvement and interest, but also made the language thought-provoking.
8) Giving hints about the character’s destiny.
Many authors choose to apply both similar sounding
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In the next extract “lay down one’s arms” can be understood either as ‘lay down one’s upper limbs’ or ‘lay down one’s weapon and surrender.’ Along with the word “legs” used in the verse, it deepens the tragic effect of the poem.
10) The aesthetic function.
The aesthetic function mainly represents a language’s ability to create a sense of beauty among the readers. The rhythm of the poem, it is harmony, onomatopoeic and colorful words, figures of comparison and hyperbole can make the language more vivid and more beautiful; thus the readers can attain a feeling of amusement even when reading the advertising slogan.
For instance, puns in the advertisements can create a sense of beauty in the readers like the other rhetoric language form. Since puns can operate with the double images from the aspects of the meaning or the sound of the word, the readers can gain some kind of sensual pleasure and emancipate their imagination. Let us have a look at the following example: “Give your hair a touch of spring”. It is a motto from the advertisement for a shampoo accompanied with the wonderful picture, suggesting that after washing your hair will look like a waterfall. The word "spring" in this ad may refer not only to the season of the year, but also to an elastic, bouncing quality your hair will acquire after using the product (Xiang 2009:
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