Literary Analysis The Black Eye Of The Month Club

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Literary Analysis Questions:

How does the title relate to the short story? Explain the meaning of the title. Do you think there could be another more suitable title for this short story?
The title to the short story is “The Black Eye of the Month Club”. The essence of the title is how the “I” person is treated. He was not like everyone else. With the extra large hands, head, feet and the very skinny body he looked bizarre. If that was not enough he also had a lisp, a stutter and had a lot of seizures. Because all of this he gets beat up once a moth, maybe more even. As a result of being different he gets beat up, and that is the meaning and the reason of the title. I do not think there could be a more fitting title. The title express it self in just the right way. “The Black Eye of the Month Club” gives us just the right kind of insight to the short story.

How believable are the characters? Which character do you identify yourself with and why?
“The Black Eye of the Month Club” is an autobiography, so if the character were not believable it would be strange. The character is believable, but only to a limit. The author uses exaggeration a lot in story. I can identify myself with the character. My reason for that is because of when I was little I went trough a lot. I went trough a lot of thing a child should go through in that age. And the author also went trough a lot. No one should be treated like they are not worthy. Another thing that makes me identify myself with the
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