Literary Analysis: The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson

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Literary Analysis
By: Shirley Jackson

The story started when people are gathered every end of June for the annual lottery ritual in a small village. All the head of each family are required to grab a slip of paper in the box that is placed in the middle of the village. The in charge of the lottery was Mr. Summer. The conflict occurs when Tessie found out that her husband Bill was the center of the Villager’s attention. There is something on the paper that he picked. Because of that Tessie can’t even accept it and she keep on yelling that it is not fair. She believed that the time given to Bill was not enough to pick the paper that he wanted from Mr. Summer. The entire Hutchinson family, are called up to the box. Mr. Summers puts five slips of papers inside the box including the paper that Bill had picked earlier. Due to it, all the family member of Hutchinson draws a slip of paper from the box. Unfortunately, only Tessie who had picked the paper with a black dot of pencil on it. From that, she begins to yell again and screams that it was not fair. A minute passed, all the villagers formed a circle together with the stone that they have picked earlier and they surrounded Tessie. They made sure that the ritual will go over before dinner. Tessie keeps screaming until a stones struck on her head. It was the oldest man in the village, Man Warner urges the villagers on. The villagers descend Tessie with the stones.

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