Literary Analysis: The Master Taior And The Teacher's Skirt

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Literary Analysis on The Master Tailor and the Teacher’s Skirt In Roy Heath’s short story of The Master Tailor and the Teacher’s Skirt, the character Mr. Melville states, “A shirt jac or a pair of trousers must marry the man’s figure as if he were born in it” (Heath 139). What does the Tailor mean by this statement? Through constant checkups, phone call attempts, with season changes, and broken promises on a “khaki skirt”, metaphorically; in other words, they are killing time with procrastination. In The Master Tailor and the Teacher’s Skirt, we see that both the tailor and the teacher mirror each other’s images and personalities, making time a valuable conflict. Early one morning in August, a teacher was on her way to her sister’s house. She notices a skirt a young woman was wearing that caught her attention. She had deep admiration for this skirt that she was so compelled to have one made. The following day the teacher decided to buy the cloth, after reassuring her caution was unrestrained. She learned of a very, “Fine tailor, one of the last of the master craftsmen who worked alone or with, at most, two employees” (Heath 139), who had made the skirt she admired so much. The teacher had come by the following afternoon to the tailor’s shop to drop off her khaki cloth and be measured. After examining the teacher’s cloth, securing measurements, and gathering instructions from her, the teacher had asked when the skirt would be ready. Mr. Melville replied and said, “Tomorrow.
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