Literary Aspects Of Literary Genre

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Literary Genres, the definition is in the name. A type of writing that runs on nothing but one’s imaginations and in some cases worst fears. It is created to give the readers a type of escape from the real world, and keeps them up through through the night flipping pages until they are finally finished the novel. Within literary genres comes a couple fan favourites, the Horror Genre, and the Romance Genre. The two tend to alternate reality in a way that creates a fantasy, or nightmare for us living in the novels of each genre. To begin, Horror fiction can keep the reader on the edge of their seat, contemplating what is going to happen next. Through the eyes of the reader, suspense can often lead them to indulging themselves into the novel itself. Furthermore, a horror story is not complete without an individual losing their life, specifically in a graphic way. The graphic portion in horror novels is the most essential part of the story. Since there are no pictures, the author must use words that allow the reader to visualize the violence and gore that is occurring within the scene. When an author begins to write a horror novel, they begin with an outline visualizing the future of the story. Gore has been around for thousands of years and has recently been more common in writing and film. Gore creates a more interesting and intense experience, while reading through the horror genre. Without this element, many of these stories would become bland, because readers lose
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