Literary Comparison Of Tom Paine And Ray Bradbury

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Tom Paine and Ray Bradbury were writers who discover worlds that have evolved and changed making them almost unrecognizable today. While Tom created a fascinating world, Bradbury’s view is more accurate when it comes to the changes that we see today. Both authors use characters, social changes, and government control to advance their theme of awareness. Both of them have amazing books, both of them have conflicts. Tom stands out in English and reading and history, “of the eighteenth century as one of the a person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere of both the American and French revolutions”. He was in the military and was an official representative of a country abroad and also a journalist; in France, as a lawmaker and constitution- makers then became both countries, as well as native England , a symbol of the right of man and the struggle for democracy. Paine had a first rate memory; even in old age he remembered details of long- ago events. An outspoken man, Paine talked endlessly , acritic observed. Paine thought those “who agreed with wise and virtuous, true lovers of humanity”(Tom Paine).…show more content…
“Bradbury enjoyed a relatively childhood in Waukegan, which he turned it into several semi- autobiographical novels some short stories”. “To support himself while he wrote, and sold newspapers”. “Bradbury published his first short story in a fan magazine in 1938 in the same year he graduated from high school. Then next, he published four issues of his own fan magazine, futuria fantasia”. “Nearly every piece in the magazine was written by Bradbury himself; he used a variety of a fictitious name, especially one used by an try to hide the fact that the magazine was a virtual one man
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