Symbols In El Filibusterismo

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Being amazed by the world Lindsay creates is impossible even in today 's world, and considering that the book is written in 1920 almost a century ago, it becomes jaw-dropping. I got struck by the idea of back-rays which are rays that turn back to its own source and traveling at the speed of thought. But Lindsay’s imagination is much more than this, he creates two new colors that come from the second sun of Tormence, ulfire and jale. “The sense impressions caused in Maskull by these two additional primary colors can only be vaguely hinted at by analogy. Just as blue is delicate and mysterious, yellow clear and unsubtle, and red sanguine and passionate, so he felt ulfire to be wild and painful, and jale dreamlike, feverish, and voluptuous.”…show more content…
They have a tentacle called magn stemming from the heart “By means of it what we love already we love more, and what we don’t love at all we begin to love.” and swellings on his forehead which is “ named the ‘breve.’ By means of it we read one another’s thoughts. Still, speech is better, for then the heart can be read too.”. Joiwind is the materialization of love, beauty, and sacrifice. “Love flows in her veins, instead of blood” and according to Panawe “that’s why she is so strong.” When Maskull encountered with Joiwind I was trying to understand the philosophy of Masnavi by Rumi. I found those two similar in many points. Joiwind and Panawe are the happiest two characters since they have a purpose to live for. They only drink gnawl-water and never eat or harm any other existent since they believe that everything resembles their god (Crystalman). Gnawl-water “intoxicates” and conforms to Crystalman. Even though Joiwind and Panawe lead a happy life, they are only getting tricked by Crystalman and their beliefs. Their religious philosophy is not given as a malady as it was in Albert Camus Stranger. In Camus religion was portrait as a philosophical suicide but Lindsay does not really show his attitude towards religion. I perceived his ideas more similar to Vonnegut’s bokononism. Their ideas helped me to view the concept of religion as a salvation and distraction from our meaningless lives. Now as I designated a different meaning and purpose for religion in my mind, I will never be able to use it for my own
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