Post-Truth Era Literary Analysis

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Literary Criticism in the Post-Truth Era Lying has become a new language in the post-truth era. It has become a solution for comfort and for others, it is to protect their loved ones from the harm it may cause. We now live in a society where political issues are getting bigger and bigger and getting recognized once again, as these things happen in real life. The topic will be brought up once again and people will voice their opinions and there will always be two sides, those who agree and those who disagree. Daniel J. Levitin has written a book called Weaponized Lies: How to Think Critically in the Post-Truth Era, which is about how we use lies as weapons and how we should be able to tell the difference between the truth and a lie. Also, how we can be easily deceived to believe everything the liar is…show more content…
“People who can turn a lie into a truth have the power to shape reality; that gives them its willing suspension of disbelief is a co-conspirator in this uncanny transformation” (Kirsch). Here Kirsch talks about how whoever has the power of a voice can be the most powerful individual out there. Being able to change other peoples mind itself is a great power but being able to turn the lie into the truth, that can influence those around them is a big factor in helping change the other’s perspective. “The problem with our “post-truth” politics is that a large share of the population has moved beyond true and false” (Kirsch). Here Kirsch is trying to impose that no one in our society cares about what the truth or false is, we have now become a society where reality is where we can turn it into our fantasy which helps in making our life more interesting and truly escape what reality is. Some of us don’t even care about he said/she said, people, mind their own business and only care when it is affecting them, but if not, then the truth doesn’t
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