Literary Criticism In Wilber Scott's 'Death Of A Salesman'

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Soon after handling Death of a Salesman, I give them an introduction to some of the literary approaches- moral, sociological, psychological, archetypal, and formalistic. I broadly follow Wilber Scott’s work Five Approaches of Literary Criticism. After much thought I have slated this section here for the following reasons: It provides the students a framework for interpretation and critical analysis of all the literary works they are going to study in the course (one may wonder why not we introduce approaches first and then move onto individual works. However, my experience tells me that dealing with the theory first makes it difficult to apply it on any one single work, so the discussions become more abstract. Having just studied Death of a Salesman, they are able to understand how insights into some of these approaches enrich their understanding of the play. It works well to allow them now approach the play with the help of sociological approach. They immediately are able to perceive the difference such knowledge makes. Also, this knowledge comes handy while interpreting films. Since we begin cinema analysis soon after, these approaches provide a strong foundation for it. The second play 'Hayavadana ' by Girish Karnad introduces the students to some of the important features of modern Indian drama. Since the play borrows elements from a wide variety of traditional/folk art forms from India, it is a challenging task for any teacher. The play is complex, intriguing and

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