Literary Criticism Of Annabel Lee

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The genius American writer, poet and literary critic Edgar Allan Poe is famed for his poems and tales of horror and mystery, such as “the Tell Tale Heart”, “the Raven”, “Annabel Lee” and etc. Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, as the second child of 2 actors, on January 19 in 1809. He was the writer, who gave birth to the modern detective story and many of his works, which became literary classics. Allan Poe died in Washington College Hospital on October 17 in 1849, because of poor health.
“Annabel Lee” was the final poem Edgar Allan Poe wrote before his death. The poem was published until after his death. Worried as he was by the harm of many women during his life, including his young wife, Virginia, who died 2 years before him, Poe frequently wrote about women dying. “Annabel Lee” is no exclusion. Since the poem was written after Poe’s wife’s death, it is believed that it was probably written for her.
The major themes of this poem: LOVE, morality, family, the supernatural, man and the natural world. The poem clearly shows us that even the death cannot separate the loving souls from each other.
A young man, who defines himself as a ‘child’, narrates the poem. The young man falls in love with a young woman named Annabel Lee. They live in a Kingdom by the sea. The man and Annabel Lee are very cheerful and very in love. Their love for each other is so powerful; even the angels become envious and murder Annabel Lee By sending a wind that shudders her to death. The narrator is
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