Literary Criticism Of Hamlet

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Undoubtedly, Shakespeare’s Hamlet is the most attractive character in the world literature with its enigmatic personality that reflects throughout the play. The tragedy of Hamlet is about a Danish Prince, whose father is murdered by his uncle, and mother marries with the murderer of his dad, who claims the throne. Hamlet is the character that was discussed and is still being discussed more than the other well-known people, such as Jesus Christ, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler and even Shakespeare himself. The reason of its being discussed by people through the years is definitely the mysterious characteristic of Hamlet, which makes his actions hard to define. Because of the uncertainty of his father’s murder, and facing with other various ambiguities, not only Hamlet himself, but also the audience cannot determine the issue certainly. One of the people who have interpreted Hamlet in rather a controversial way was the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, whose theories on variety of subjects, including child sexuality and libido, mourning and melancholia, dreams and fantasies, id, ego and superego have been the most powerful academic notions of its century. Freud, considering Hamlet his main example in some of his well-known theories, creates a way to the unique discussion on the understanding the mysterious character of Shakespeare. While associating Freud’s theories with Shakespeare’s masterpiece, this association arises questionable arguments on the interpretation of

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