Literary Criticism Of Iliad

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Estigoy, Myra Ednalyn D.
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Literary Criticism of Iliad
By Homer So first, I searched for the meaning of words “Iliad” and also the word “Odyssey.” These meaning are based on Merriam-Webster Dictionary, first the Iliad, 1) it is a series of miseries or disastrous events, 2) a series of exploits regarded as suitable for an epic, 3) a long narrative: especially an epic in the Homeric tradition. This book, Iliad was written by Homer. Homer is a blind poet. The birth of Homer cannot be determined because of some circumstances like lack or few evidences that they gathered. These evidences are not sufficient. So going back, some scholars and researches point out that Homer’s birth was on 750 BC-1200 BC. This data was based on how the Iliad and Odyssey was written. And also the place of Homer cannot be determined. But seven different cities claimed the birthplace of Homer. But none of these affirmations was honoured. However, the probability of Homer came from Eastern Greece or Asia Minor is high because of the words, dialect and languages he used in his works. Time is based on Bronze Age or Mycenaean, the venerable Greeks that prospered from the year of 1600 BC up to the year of 1100 BC. This time, is the time well not exactly let just say it is approximately the time that Moses guided the Israelis from the place of Egypt through the time that David regulated a harmonious Jewish nation. In some sites, Moses guided the Jews in

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