Literary Debate Of Nurture Vs Nature In Huckleberry Finn

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The phrase, ¨He comes from your side of the family” is used by many to explain why someone, a child maybe, has done something terrible or something that they should not have. To some, It is believed that genetics is the sole reason for a person's behavior, good or bad. This is called Nature. Others believe that it is the environment that influences a person's behavior, and the environment can be anything or anyone- society, a community, or a caretaker. This is called Nurture. The debate of Nurture vs Nature is an ongoing argument that has yet to be finally solved, but it is clear that Nurture is the most influential. Genetics, race, and biology does have somewhat of an impact on how a person deals with certain things, but it is the environment in which that person grew up in that determines whether the situation will even occur. For example, a person who has her mother’s negative attitude may deal with a conflict with someone else in a negative way, but a person who grew up in a positive environment in a society who looks down on unnecessary problems may have a less chance of getting into the conflict in the first place. In this Literary Analysis, first society’s…show more content…
It was the Nurture of society that made Armand Aubigny ashamed of Desiree and their baby. It was that feeling of superiority over that race, taught to him by society, that made him hate her, the baby, and made him feel as though God was punishing him. It made him feel obliged to have slaves, which he punished while in a bad mood. If it had been Nature that overpowered, surely the compassionate genes Armand’s father had would have passed down to him and the hateful, self serving genes of Pap Finn would have been inherited by Huck. In this case, it is

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