Literary Devices In Cyrano De Bergerac

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“Love is when the other person 's happiness is more important than your own”-H Jackson Brown Jr.This idea exhibits the importance you give towards someone’s love is more necessary than yours. In the book Cyrano de Bergerac, Cyrano tries to demonstrate the love between him and Roxane by the use of poems and using Christian as an assistant. For example, “A little longer she is always here”. We can see that the quote is demonstrating the impatient approach towards love in within someone increases when beauty does not surround you.Despite this story using a various approach towards manipulating us to the theme, the poem uses literary and symbolic devices to exhibit the poets life. However, in the poem, the poet uses the ocean to show that all of his emotions are mixed to form one big vast area. In line 2 it mentions”What is there in the great sphere of the earth”. This demonstrates that the area is so vast, that peace cannot be eradicated in a few areas, and the …show more content…

The poem uses metaphorical symbolism to reveal that his emotions are as enormous as an ocean. Knowing that this poem is a metaphor we can assume see that the textual evidence is very keen and mild to find. However, the poem uses other ways to convey its messages such as hyperboles. In the last line, it indicated the hyperbole by mentioning, “ Below us, as far as my eyes could see”Tennyson 12. This shows us that he could only see so much that his eyes are weakened and old. However, in the poem, Cyrano De Bergerac the author uses loaded diction alongside vivid imagery to portray the main idea. The author emphasizes inner beauty by using terms like “ Live for I love you”. Despite this quote not having a relevant meaning towards the approach of saying that love is eternal. Knowing that Cyrano loves her to his heart, he dies at the end, still cherishes his love within the heart of

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