Literary Devices In Desiree's Baby

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“Desiree’s Baby”, is a short story written by Kate Chopin. This short story is about a woman named Desiree, abandoned at a very young age, who grew up to fall in love with Armand Aubigny. Armand was born into a very wealthy family, who fell in love easily, very strict and owners of slaves. Desiree then conceived Armand’s child, who instantly changed the way he thought once the child was born. Desiree’s mother, Madame Valmonde, was scheduled to see the baby in L’Abri since she had not seen it in four weeks. When she finally saw the baby, she felt odd about the child’s appearance. Soon, things took a turn and the people of L’Abri started to think differently about the child. Armand did not like the fact that the child looked at though it was from African American ancestry and shunned both the infant and Desiree. After things become too much to handle for Desiree, Armand banished her and the baby to never be seen again in the town.…show more content…
Theme is the message about life or human nature that is “the focus” in the story that the writer tells ( Glossary of Literary Terms 3). A theme in this story would be “Love and Blindness”. This falls under the theme category because it is saying love itself changes the way you are as a person but it also has its blindness. The “blindness” is not so much of not being able to see them physically but how they truly are as a person. A person can be very depressing, arrogant, or even abusive but the person in love will see past it hence the term blind. According to the text, “ Young Aubigny’s rule was a strict one, too, and under it his negroes had forgotten how to be gay…” (Chopin Pg 2). Later in the story it states “ Armand is the proudest father...he hasn’t punished one of them since the baby was born...he only laughed” (Chopin Pg 2). This proves the theme is true as it demonstrates it with Armand and Desiree’s love to be so powerful yet so blind (LitCharts Themes Pg
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